We’ve been running the G5 (NL5000) since this spring, about 200 hours. It has way better productivity than what we were running before, doing almost double the acreage. It’s easy to work on and everybody at New Leader is real quick to get back if we have questions. We’ve been real happy with it. 

John Connelly

The NL 5000 is reassuring....You just know it's going where it's supposed to. 



Justin Woodrum

"Your New Leader fertilizer boxes are the very best to use and are very user friendly. We have tried different kinds, but none come close to the ones you make. So keep up the good work! We are still wondering why we didn't pick yours first."


“New Leader is the leader in fertilizer application equipment period! The spread pattern is consistent no matter what product I'm applying. The ease of use is out of this world. The service department is extremely helpful when I need parts or if I just have a question about something they are always there. Give me a New Leader or a bucket -- I'll do it by hand!”


"We have been using New Leader G4 boxes for three years they have made our application business thrive by adding outstanding application accuracy along with unmatched dependability. The product support team at New Leader provides excellent training and continues to move the bar with new innovations to help our business."


"I am a third generation New Leader product purchaser. My granddad bought the first spreader back in the sixties [and] my uncle stayed [with New Leader] when he took over the family business in the seventies and eighties. I bought my first one when I managed the ag department in a local co-op. Now I am looking for one for a new project I'm working on..."


"Products and equipment are only as good as the customer service. Jim (New Leader Regional Manager) does an excellent job in assisting our staff with applicator field calibration days to insure that all our equipment is calibrated and the applicators are educated in the proper use of the equipment. Jim also helps to educate our customers on the dependability and accuracy of application with the New Leader products. Keep up the good work!"


"We love all our New Leader products and will continue to use and purchase more. Thank you for the great products and keep up the good work!!!"


"The reason we choose New Leader products is [the] parts and service [support] from our local dealer. They bend over backwards to help us get our machine going when [we are] broke down."


Nitrogen Management - Top Dressing

Brandon Laue with South Central FS in Effingham, IL discusses how they use New Leader products to apply top dressing to crops.

Brandon Laue

MultiBin Used for MultiBin and Seeding Application

Jim Day with Pro Coop in Pocahontas, Iowa discusses how they use a New Leader L4000G4 with MultiBin to spread seed in the spring.

Jim Day


Wayne & BJ Schilling of South Plains Compost near Lubbock, TX discuss how they use the NL450C in their compost spreading business.

Wayne & BJ Schilling

L5034G4 Compost Spreader

Kevin Weatherford of Classic Fertilizer in Dumas, Texas discusses the L5034G4 Compost Spreader.

Kevin Weatherford

L5034G4 Compost Spreader

Mickey Howard of Howard, LLC discusses the L5034G4 Compost Spreader.

Mickey Howard

L3220G4 with MultApplier

Tom Donnelly of New Century Farm Service in Van Horne, Iowa discusses the L3220G4 with MultApplier.

Tom Donnelly


Steve Delhotal of RDW Fertilizer discusses his precision application business he has ran for over 20 years.

Steve Delhotal