Dry Nutrient Applicator with Swath Width Control


NL5000G5 Variable Dry Rate Nutrient Applicator   

Precision Application with Patented Swath Width Control

Until now, pinpoint application accuracy with a broadcast spinner-spreader was just a concept. Today, it’s a reality thanks to the NL5000G5. With its patented 16-section swath width control spinner design, the G5 delivers revolutionary left and right and fore and aft swath width control for never-before-seen spreading precision. By leveraging the innovative swath width control technology and conveyor speed adjustments, operators can target the right product to the right place, reduce overlap, and decrease nutrient waste, all without sacrificing productivity.

Other standard features include:

  • Boundary spreading for less waste
  • Last pass spreading
  • 1/2 width remote spreading capabilities to spread to one side only
  • Dual RPM sensors & dual pulse width modulation (PWM) spinner control valves for precise RPM on each spinner
  • Controls of less than 5 RPM difference between each spinner
  • Hydraulic feedgate controls for height adjustment from the cab
  • Feedgate optimizer to calculate and automatically set the feedgate 
  • New Leader user interface and spreader control

 The G5 Follows the 4Rs of Nutrient Management

  • Right Source – Matches nutrients type to crop needs
  • Right Rate – Matches amount of nutrients to crop needs
  • Right Time – Makes nutrients available when crops need them
  • Right Place – Keeps nutrients where crops can use them

Precision Manufacturing

Precision application starts with precision manufacturing, and the NL5000G5 delivers that and more. Advanced product techniques like laser cutting and a maintenance-free design create self-centering components like the material divider and spinner frame assembly. Precision on the back end translates to a machine that maintains a consistent drop point and repeatable product placement. 

Easy Maintenance

Built with the operator in mind, the NL5000G5 simplifies maintenance to maximize time in the field. A flip-up hillside divider lets operators move easily between spreading lime and other products while maintaining max flow, and without getting out a single tool. Front and rear grease banks make machine greasing easy and efficient. 304 stainless steel cross tubes, mounts, spinners, and take-up brackets provide maximum corrosion resistance on key high-wear components.

Advanced Hydraulics

Experience fast and exact conveyor control, independent spinner speed control, and extended conveyor life with the superior New Leader hydraulics system. High-tech sensors give operators early insight into potential issues by monitoring hydraulic condition and performance based on metrics including fluid level, temperature, filter restrictions, and conveyor and system pressure. Multiple test ports make in-field service and diagnostics easy and convenient. A new anti-cavitation system improves spinner seal life and helps quiet the spinners during shutdown. 

Extend Conveyor Life

The NL5000G5 maintains proper chain adjustments with an automatic chain tensioner. Continuous tension helps extend life. In addition, operators can receive automatic lubrication alerts after a fully customizable designation of conveyor run time.

Increase Productivity with the MultApplier and MultiBin

Increase efficiencies and productivity by adding a 5- or 7-foot MultApplier insert to the NL5000G5. Adding a MultApplier lets operators spread one or two products simultaneously or at variable rates in one pass. Featuring increased hydraulically actuated feed gate openings, the NL5000G5 with MultApplier can reach higher rates, application speeds, and widths. For the addition of micronutrients, the MultiBin is also available, allowing the spreading up to four products in one pass. The improved waterfall divider and matched-rate output of the MultiBin is now standard on the NL5000G5 and supports even higher rates of output.

New Leader User Interface

No need to operate multiple displays. The user-friendly New Leader interface makes it easy to get to work without a learning curve. The intuitive New Leader user interface appears once the system is connected to a virtual terminal and incorporates the power of diagnostic feedback, stored product profiles, automated service notifications, low bin countdown, automated chain oiler, and more.

Standard features include:

  • Ag Leader-developed plug-and-play ISOBUS technology that hooks to RBR displays
  • Up to 25 stored product profiles for quick recall when changing products
  • Ability to expand to control multiple bins, tarps, lids, and other functions

ISOBUS 11783 is standard protocol for all models of the G5 series. The NL5000G5 is ISO Ready, and plugs into RBR displays. Operators only have to learn one system, and the G5’s intuitive software helps cut down on troubleshooting time.


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