NL5000 G5 Dry Nutrient Applicator with Swath Width Control

The G5 is changing the face of spinner spreading by offering the ability to move the spinner fan frame fore and aft, as well as left and right. This movement is automatic based on already applied areas of the field.

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NL4500 G4 Edge

Ride the forefront of precision application technology with the Edge — putting dry products exactly where and when crops need them and progressive, responsible nutrient management in the operator’s hands.

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L5034G4 Compost Spreader

More profit for less time in the field – it’s possible with the L5034G4 compost spreader. Built for durability and versatility, it gives operators the power to cover more ground faster, while maintaining an accurate spread pattern. The L5034G4 delivers 50% more spinner power and 33% faster application rates compared to the average compost spreader, thanks to dual spinners and tandem hydraulic pumps.

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