NL4560 G4 EDGE

Large Capacity Drawn Dry Spinner Spreader


NL4560G4 Edge Variable Dry Rate Nutrient Applicator

 The NL4560G4 Edge comes standard with independent spinner speed and edge of field technology. With dual RPM sensors, operators can maintain precise speed on each spinner within 5 RPM. Flip a switch, and operators can apply nutrients along a boundary line, leading to improved nutrient placement, and decreased nutrient waste.

Precision Application

  • Boundary (edge of field) spreading
  • Precise independent spinner control and monitoring
  • Scales for static and in-field calibration

Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-use New Leader User interface
  • System sensors monitor spreader performance
  • Feedgate optimizer to calculate height

Ease of Maintenance

  • Centralized grease banks
  • Automatic hydraulic chain tensioning system
  • 304 stainless steel feedgate, spinner jacks, and handles

Trailer Features

  • Heavy-duty trailer main frame with universal hitch
  • 4-wheel hydraulic braking system
  • Walking suspension with 12″ of travel
  • High floatation tires for light footprint