Dry Box Applicator


L3030G4 Dry Box Applicatorr

The L3030G4 has an option of the MultApplier

L3030G4 - New Leader - G4 Variable Rate BroadcasterExperience the most adaptable dry box applicator on the market—the L3030G4.  Accurate spread patterns up to 90 feet, at rates from 50 to 1,100 lbs/acre.  Up to 2 tons of ag lime at 12 mph with spread widths up to 60 feet.  Variable rate application of three products in a single pass.  Packed with low-maintenance features to extend service life.  An operator’s dream.

Multiple Products in a Single Pass

The L3030G4’s design is ideal for variable rate application of up to three products in one pass—meaning fewer trips through the field for less compaction plus lower labor and fuel costs.  Plus a single pass means less blending.  Add the New Leader MultApplier™ unit to apply two products independently and the MicroBin™ to spread micronutrients or seeds as a third product in one pass. 

What if I want to add components for spreading multiple products at a later time?

L3030G4 - New Leader - Moderate Oil Resistant BeltPurchase the base spreader today, and add the MultApplier insert or MicroBin hopper any time.  The L3030G4 is fully modular and versatile.

Efficient Conveyor System

Move product smoothly and continuously at rates as low as 50 lbs/acre and as high as 1,100 lbs/acre with the L3030G4.  The standard 30-inch three-ply belt is ideal for high humidity regions—there is less corrosion because material isn’t sticking to the chain. 

Low Maintenance Design

Extended service life is a key component in the L3030G4’s design.  This innovative machine reduces maintenance by incorporating features that think one step ahead of the process:

  • No web chain—#5 multi-ply belt conveyor requires less maintenance and lasts longer than the competition
  • No conveyor chain or chain oiler—3- inch three-ply moderate oil-resistant straight belt

Does the L3030G4 conveyor need to be replaced every three years like other conveyors?

No, unlike the web chains on competitors’ spreaders, New Leader’s #5 straight belt conveyor doesn’t need continual maintenance and lasts longer than other conveyors.

Precision Application

Spread materials faster, wider and more consistently, even on windy days, with proven G4 variable rate broadcasting technology.  The design also simplifies spread pattern testing and daily application by including predetermined settings for:

  • Fertilizer
  • Urea
  • Ag lime
  • Wet lime

Efficient Hydraulic System

Standard with 60,000 BTU cooler and 24-gallon reservoir, the L3030G4’s hydraulic system is built for efficiency.  The system runs cooler and cleaner thanks to a built-in side strainer and return filter to capture contaminants.  All that adds up to a longer, more productive service life.

MultApplier for Dual Product Application

L3030G4 - New Leader

Economics and productivity aren’t exclusive – reduce man hours, field compaction and fuel consumption by applying two products in a single pass with the MultApplier, available in 5 ft or 7 ft sizes.

Is the MultApplier difficult to install?

Bolted-in endgates make the MultApplier easy to install or remove, and easy to convert your spreader from single to dual product operation.

Patented Precision Application

Spread materials faster, wider and more consistently, even on windy days, with proven G4 variable rate broadcasting technology. Two independent conveyors allow control of two products at predetermined rates or variable rates, with swath widths up to 84 ft.

Looking for more information on the L3030G4 Single Bin Spreader?  Check out the links above or contact 800-363-1771 or information@highwayequipment.com.