Single Bin Spreader


L2000G4 Single Bin Spreader

L2000G4 - New Leader - SpreaderIt only takes one superior combo spreader to apply high rates of fertilizer and low rates of lime – meet the L2000G4 Single Bin Spreader.  Accurate, affordable and reliable, it’s got the right combination of features to please operators and owners alike.  Precision laser-cut manufacturing delivers a durable 309 stainless steel or 409 painted stainless steel body plus upgraded components for straight, semi-float and full-float trucks.

Advanced Conveyor System

The L2000G4 transforms application with an innovative multi-belt conveyor system.  A #5 straight belt conveyor delivers smooth, continuous product flow, plus the durability to stand up to tough fertilizer and lime spreading conditions.  And for the heaviest lime spreading, a #4 belt-over-chain conveyor incorporates a multi-ply belt over a heavy-duty pintle chain.

Is the L2000G4 available in different configurations?

L2000G4 - New Leader - Straight Belt ConveyorYes, the L2000G4 is available in 10 ft., 11 ft, 12 ft. and 13 ft. configurations.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision application starts from the ground up – with precision manufacturing.  Advanced production techniques like laser cutting deliver advantages like one-piece side sheet construction for fewer seams and potential corrosion zones.  Precision on the back end translates to precision on the front lines.

Low Maintenance Design

The L2000G4 is the first choice for extended service life.  Innovative, forward-thinking features take the pressure off of operators and the bottom line:

  • No web chain – #5 multi-ply belt conveyor requires less maintenance and lasts longer than the competition
  • Redesigned spinner motor with stainless steel sleeve
  • Cab-forward hydraulics away from heavy corrosion zone
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel take-up brackets, hydraulic tank and fenders
  • No conveyor chain or chain oiler—three-ply Moderate Oil resistant straight belt
  • One sheet construction for fewer potential corrosion points

Does the L2000G4 conveyor need to be replaced every three years like other conveyors?

L2000G4 - New Leader - Belt-Over-Chain ConveyorNo, unlike the web chains on competitive spreaders, New Leader’s #5 straight belt conveyor doesn’t need continual maintenance and lasts longer than other conveyors.

Precision Application

Spread materials faster, wider and more consistently, even on windy days, with proven G4 variable rate broadcasting technology – up to 70 ft. wide.  Paired with a motorized valve and 180-count sensor for enhanced accuracy, giving the L2000G4 the power to:

  • Broadcast up to 2 tons of lime per acre at 12 miles per hour
  • Dial down to 50 lbs. of fertilizer per acre

Precision Ag Controls

Operators have superior application management at their fingertips with Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ system for maximum rate control toward minimum waste.  The revolutionary AutoSwath reduces overapplication, overlap, spray drift and application gaps by automatically turning the applicator on or off.  Choose from two high-tech yet user-friendly Ag Leader displays, Integra™ or Edge™:




Real-time coverage mapping



Real-time data logging



Dual product control



Control for up to 4 products



Smart Report application reporting



Looking for more information on the L2000G4 Single Bin Spreader?  Check out the links above or contact 800-363-1771 or information@highwayequipment.com.