L4000G4 MultApplier-Ready

Modular and multi-product ready, the L4000G4 adapts to any spreading needs, making it an ideal choice for growing operations. Expand its capabilities simply by customizing the spreader hopper, hydraulics and bin—the L4000G4 can deliver the power to spread up to four variable rate applications in just one pass.

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L4258G4 Crop Nutrient Applicator

True combination spreading is here in the L4258G4 for AGCO’s RoGator® chassis. The ideal solution for high-capacity fertilizer and lime precision application – more acres covered in less time each day.

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L4330G4 Crop Nutrient Applicator

Meet high capacity specifically engineered for AGCO’s RoGator® chassis. The L4330G4 delivers 300 cu.ft. (8.5 cu.m) of powerful, precise crop nutrient application, holding up to 10 tons (90 kg) of product. Add the optional MultApplier insert for the capability of applying two products in a single pass with straight or variable rates.

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