Sustainability at HECO

Published June 13, 2018

Respecting the environment without sacrificing productivity; historically, that was only a concept. Today, it’s a reality thanks to Hi-Way’s Xzalt and New Leader’s NL5000 G5 precision applicators.

When we set our sights on sustainability, we didn’t just focus on road equipment and we didn’t just target agriculture; we concentrated our energies and resources on both. Over- or mis-application of salt on the roadways can lead to infrastructure corrosion as well as many environmental issues. Similarly, over- or mis-application of nutrients on fields can lead to run-off in our waterways. Refusing to accept the status quo, our in-house engineering team sought to develop solutions for both sustainability problems without sacrificing the productivity for which Highway Equipment Company (HECO) is known. From that time and effort came the Hi-Way Xzalt and New Leader NL5000 G5 precision applicators.

The Xzalt and G5 utilize cutting-edge technology to give operators the ability to control the spread pattern with pinpoint accuracy. The Xzalt can be adjusted to spread to one, two, or three lanes regardless of its position on the road with the press of a single button. Similarly, the G5 can be adjusted to spread up to four products, each at their own variable rate, in up to 16 sections. What this means, is that when using HECO road and field equipment, operators are able to spread the right products, at the right rate, in the right location, without over- or mis-application. 

For close to 80 years, we at HECO have been focusing on what we can make easier, what we can make better, what we can improve. We strive to empower municipalities and professional grower markets to do more with less while respecting the environment and maintaining productivity. The Xzalt and G5 are a great start to that endeavor, but they are not the end. We are excited to continue designing sustainable equipment and lead our industry.

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