Firmware Downloads

Highway Equipment Company and New Leader want to help our partners maintain their units and its technology.  As with any technology, there will be software updates and new features which will enhance the usability of the product; New Leader is no different. 


The firmware on the NL4500 G4 and the NL5000 G5 will require the following updates.


Step 1 – Downloads

(includes: Reprogramming Tool, ISOBUS CAN Logger)


Step 2 – Current Firmware

(includes: WSM, G5 Rate Control 2.1, Accessories 2.1, G5 Swath 2.2 and WSM 65 Aux 2.1)


Items required to update the firmware:


CAN Simulator

Diagnostic Harness


Below are the step-by-step instructions to help with the update.




For further assistance please contact

New Leader Service Department at 800.363.1771.