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NL5000 G5 - Dry Nutrient Applicator with Swath Width Control

The G5 is changing the face of spinner spreading by offering the ability to move the spinner fan frame fore and aft, as well as left and right. This movement is automatic based on already applied areas of the field.

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Sustainability at HECO

Respecting the environment without sacrificing productivity; historically, that was only a concept. Today, it’s a reality thanks to Hi-Way’s Xzalt and New Leader’s NL5000 G5 precision applicators.
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We’ve been running the G5 (NL5000) since this spring, about 200 hours. It has way better productivity than what we were running before, doing almost double the acreage. It’s easy to work on and everybody at New Leader is real quick to get back if we have questions. We’ve been real happy with it. 

John Connelly

Farmers Union - Graceville, MN

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  • Glad to be back up and running
  • Annual maintenance and inventory has officially kicked off. Have a great 4th of July everyone – we’ll see you next……
  • New Leader’s production facility shutdown is right around the corner. Check out our What’s Happening page for more……

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